Kegalle town is situated about 80kilometers away from Colombo and in Sri Lanka’s first A1 road to Colombo –Kandy. Kegalle is famous mostly for its numerous ancient Tampita Viharas i(Temples built on wooden pillars). Tampita Vihara is said to be the last indigenous architectural style in Sri Lanka. There are many places of interest to [...]


Kilinochchi is the main town in Jaffna District, after the terrorist’s war the town has been built with new roadways and buildings. You can visit Iranamadu Tank in the vicinity with clear blue water. And also you can see the Paranthan Chemical Factory.


MADUWANWELA WALAWWA (MANOR HOUSE) This beautiful massive building contains 43 rooms and 7 inner count yards, open for visitors as well. This is a 17th century building occupied by a Chief ton of the area. WAVULPANE LIMESTONE CAVERN SUBTERRANEAN CAVERN This Cavern discovered in 1938, is located in the hills surrounded by mountains. The length [...]


Rathnapura in Sinhala means “City of Gems”. The best area for a writer to take a Gem Mining experience. SABARAGAMUWA MAHA SAMAN DEVALAYA This is the only temple that has been built and dedicated for God Saman. The God Sumana Saman is known as the guardian deity of Adams Peak. This temple is said to [...]


The Gem Industry mostly centered here. Rubber is the main plantation yet. Tea plantations and factories are also located here. There is a famous road to Adam’s Peak from Kuruwita, which is about 8 kms. BATADOMBALENA (CAVE) This cave is a pre- historic site. It was a forest hermitage in the past. Archeological excavations here [...]


Chillaw is one of the three main cities in North Western Province, and renounced mostly for Fishing Industry. MADAMPE THANIVELLE MAHA DEVALAYA This Devale is built in honor of Prince Taniya Vallabbha, viceroy of king Weeraprakramabahu iii. During the reign, Prince Tania Vallabbha performed a remarkable service to uplift the agricultural activities in the region, [...]


The distance from Colombo to here is about 124 kilometers. The history of Puttalam dates back to arrival of Prince Vijaya in 6th century BC, nearly 2500 years before. Prince Vijaya from India arrived here with his crew to “Thambapanni” or “Kudiramalai” presently known as Manner which is an ancient sea port lies in the [...]


Kurunegala is the Royal Capital for only half a century, starting with the reign of king Buwanekabahu ii (1293-1302), who was followed by king Parakramabahu IV (1302-1326) AD. This is little left of the Tooth Relic Temple save few stone steps and part of doorway. Kurunegala is an important cross- Road Town today. It enjoys [...]


This is a second Sinhalese kingdom after Anuradhapura. It is considered as medieval capital of Sri Lanka. Mostly because of the Alahana Pirivena Monastery Complex. UNESCO declared this ancient city also as a world Heritage Site. The South Indian Chola Empire conquered Anuradhapura kingdom, and established its capital in Polonnaruwa in 1017AD and ran for [...]


Anuradhapura is the first Sinhalese capital of Sri Lanka .It is the third capital established after arrival of Aryans. This was kingdom of many kings and lasted nearly 1500 years continuously. Several ancient ruins in Anuradhapura depict the talent of the ancient architectures. By looking at those sites, you could realize the prosperity of this [...]